Photos by Boon Ong


Maici Lefebvre

Associate Photographer/ Studio Manager

I was introduced to boudoir like many other ladies. The internet. I remember the first time I have ever seen a boudoir photo; I was 18 pregnant with my first child and interesting maternity photos. That’s when I saw it. Maternity boudoir. It was gorgeous and sexy and powerful. I remember feeling the longing of wanting to feel like that. But like most people I moved on and that was it until I was added into the “Babe Cave VIP Group” on Facebook. I was added into the group at a rough time emotionally. I was battling with my mental health at the time and struggling to re discover and find my old self after having three children. 

This group is where I learned to love myself again. I saw a community of woman bond over the art of boudoir, I witnessed woman lift each other up through photographs and seen the difference it made in the lives of those who have been shot. That was when I decided to do it. I booked a session and fell head over heels in love with the genre that is boudoir and glamour photography. I became addicted to loving myself.  Since the day of my first shoot over a year ago I have had over five shoots done of myself and have joined the EFP Business as the Associate Photographer and Studio Manager.

My ultimate goal is to inspire not only woman but men and every other gender identifier to love themselves completely and solely for who they are. I believe that everyone should feel how I felt my first shoot and every time I step in front of the camera at least once in their life time. I am a strong advocate for self-love and that doesn’t just include the pretty aspects, that includes mental health and the darkness we surround ourselves with. 

Photos by Erika Fetterly

Photos by Erika Fetterly

Erika Fetterly

Boudoir Specialist / Body Image Activist / Photographer

For years I've dealt with low self-worth and anxiety. I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence due to past experiences. After finding my power and voice within the niche of boudoir, I realized that I could help build women back up so that they didn't have to feel like I have. To be able to help women have even just a moment of unwavering confidence in themselves is the most incredible thing I have been a part of and after seeing the change happen, I knew this is exactly where I needed to be.



We are a body positive studio and strive to help everyone to love their body and truly love themselves.  We love that every body is different, if they weren't, the world would be a very boring place. We strive to provide every person that we photograph a renewed perspective. Although we cannot take away past experiences, we can help you look forward and help you love the person looking back at you in the mirror. Let us take you there. To the place where you can experience yourself. 

 Beauty is more than outward appearance – beauty is a state-of-mind. Feeling beautiful and acknowledging your beauty can lead to a shift on so many levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To us, boudoir photography is about so much more than showcasing your body attractively and intimately; it’s about rediscovering your authentic self. 

We know from experience that nearly every person has some perceived “fault” that prevents them from “seeing” their beauty and embracing their uniqueness. When we get to show clients the pictures of themselves captured in intimate and artistic photographs, there are three typical reactions: silence, joyful laughter and emotions or tears.

Many of us are unkind to ourselves, insecure and we’ve bought into that little voice in our head that tells us we’re not good enough, not pretty enough – not worthy and deserving.

Boudoir is a chance to rediscover our beauty, our passion, to learn to love ourselves again. We think it’s easy for people to lose themselves in the roles they play and negative experiences of the past. We like to ask our clients, when did you stop thinking you were beautiful?

Societal perceptions of beauty can play a huge role in developing a negative self-image, and this can lead to poor self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. We ask each client to list ten things they love and then ask where they appear on the list. Sadly, many people will not place themselves in the top 10. We want to help people rediscover their beauty! 

Boudoir can be an empowering experience where beauty is recognized, honoured and celebrated – a transformative adventure where a person can rediscover their value, femininity/ masculinity, reconnect with their authentic self and learn to respect and appreciate themselves again. 

We really believe that we become what we think about, most of the time. If a person thinks they’re beautiful, they’ll open themselves up to beauty – to seeing their beauty and uniqueness.

The camera, with encouragement from the photographer, removes perceptual filters and allows facets of a person’s personality that may have been blocked to come through and become visible again. Though this can be challenging, but when it happens, it’s incredibly powerful.

Even if we can create one minute of unwavering confidence, it’s worth it!

-Erika and Maici xxo