Photos by Boon Ong

Erika Fetterly

Boudoir Specialist / Body Image Activist / Photographer

For years I've dealt with low self-worth and anxiety. I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence due to past experiences. After finding my power and voice within the niche of boudoir, I realized that I could help build women back up so that they didn't have to feel like I have. To be able to help women have even just a moment of unwavering confidence in themselves is the most incredible thing I have been a part of and after seeing the change happen, I knew this is exactly where I needed to be.


I am a body positive photographer and strive to help every woman love their body and truly love themselves.  I love that every lady is different, if we weren't, the world would be a very boring place. I strive to provide every woman that I photograph a renewed perspective. Although I cannot take away past experiences, I can help you look forward and help you love the woman looking back at you in the mirror. Let me take you there. To the place where you can experience yourself. 


-Erika xxo