#1 - QUESTIONS - Phone Consultation

I’m sure you have ALL the questions, but don’t worry, we go over every detail together. It is so much easier to go over the process and answer any questions you might have on the phone.

This lets me get to know you better and customize your session to suit you and your personality. This is your time to shine, Babe. We will plan a killer session and show you just how beautiful you are or much of a badass you can be!

We go through the process, what to expect, full pricing and payment plan info and answer any and all of your questions!

Remember to Give yourself time. During your consult, we will schedule the date for your session. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time if you are on a strict deadline as we usually book a few months in advance and process itself takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

#2 - PARTY TIME - Your Session

The fun part! Your session takes place in our luxury boudoir studio in Innisfail. We offer a variety of set looks and it helps keep it A secret just in case you can't kick someone out of the house without them knowing.

We love offering a FULL service experience. You get to come in, get your makeup done, get pampered, feel amazing, and then head home! You don't need to worry about a clean home, having clean sheets, no kids at home (this time is for you, and you alone), or decluttering or decor! You get to feel amazing and we get to worry about all the details!

Your session lasts around 1-2 hours, depending on which session package you choose (add 60-90 min for hair and makeup).

You can bring or show me as many outfits as you would like. We will go over them together at the beginning of your session and I will help you choose what would work best for our lighting at your body type. Your session will include 2-3 outfits and the option to do implied/tasteful nudes. I recommend this number so that when we are choosing your images at your reveal and they are created as products, you are focusing on who is in the photos, not what you are wearing. The same goes for props. I don't typically shoot with them. When you break it down, a lot of times we are unknowingly hoping that we can hide behind these objects that we bring.


#3 - THAT MOMENT - Your Reveal

This is the moment that we have been working for! Your reveal and ordering session takes place approximately 1-2 weeks after your session is complete.

Your reveal is held in studio and you can come as comfy as you wish (who doesn't like wine and pyjamas, or no pants, I don't judge). We keep all of our amazing samples to show you here and this helps keep the secret from that special someone if you are gifting your images. If you are long distance and a second travel back isn't an option, we can do a screen share reveal session.

The best part is that you get to see your images for the first time in your personalized slide show that I create for your viewing! After we've seen how badass and incredible you look, we go through your images one by one and pick out your favourites. The bonus of this in person reveal is that I am able to show you the amazing products you get to choose from as well as be your built in cheerleader! You get to touch and feel so you don't have to try and imagine what they would be like.

FEEL free to bring a friend as well, but make sure to let us know beforehand please!

#4 - THE GOODIES - Pick Up Your Products

In around 4-6 weeks following your reveal session (or your final payment if you are on an in house payment plan), you will get the call! Your products are in and ready to be picked up. YAY!

WOOHOO! The time has come to see a whole album of yourself (and/or wall art, or mini books or or or all the things you chose to get of yourself).

It is so much different seeing a whole book of just you in person. The feeling is incredible!

Then we are done…. but not forever, trust me, this shit is addictive haha