Love Letters

A huge thank you to all of my Boudie Babes for your amazing words and for the pleasure of working with you. xxo


Boudie Babe- Breanna

Honestly, I loved working with Erika! She helped me step out my comfort zone and actually make me feel comfortable! I was super anxious about the whole session, contemplated cancelling it multiple times before the session.... BUT I'm so glad I didn’t!!! When I showed up, I was greeted by the bubbly and hilarious but don’t forget gorgeous Erika! Honestly cannot say enough good things about her!! She was a dream to work with!! Thank you, Erika, for helping me see my body for more than just stretchmark's and a having a little more to love. Couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out!

Boudie Babe- Rose

Erika makes you feel like more than just a client...from the moment you meet her she is like a sister, a long-time best friend, or even a mom. She has this amazing way of getting you to open up but also relax and have fun, And don't get me started on the amazing photographs she takes.  Stunning! You seriously look stunning in them all and choosing them is so hard cause you just want all of them! Best decision I've made for my self care this far.

Boudie Babe- Crystal

“I have never really felt sexy but this (a boudoir shoot) has really helped me feel like I am beautiful.

 EFP is an amazing place to get a boudoir photoshoot done. Prior to her I had always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but always had a reason not to: I needed to lose weight, I’m too nervous. But when I won a shoot with the forums give-away they all spoke very highly of Erika and her work. After a friend convinced me to join her Facebook VIP group (The Babe Cave- Woman’s Empowerment Community) I lingered a while to get to know her a little better. In this group I found out that Erika is one of the most supportive women I know. IN this group I read nothing more than woman lifting each other up. It was all be kind to yourself. We are here for you. It was after talking to Erika and the ladies on the group that I got the confidence to book the session. Once I got there I was so comfortable! I was so comfortable I decided to do full nudes which is more than I thought I would do! I felt great when I was done my session, I had a natural high leaving the studio, I wasn’t expecting that experience as lots of girls have bad experiences with these things and definitely surprised myself. Ladies, Don’t wait for everything to be perfect because we will never reach that. Once people meet their goals they always have a tendency to think they would have done something different. Be gentle with yourself. If you wouldn’t say mean things to your friend or sister you shouldn’t say anything negative to yourself. Instead say your name everyday with love and compliment yourself. Fill your head with positive thoughts.Women empowering woman, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Boubie Couple- Shelbie and Codi

“First things first, Erika did an amazing job! She does amazing with all of her work and I am so pleased with the end result! I’ve done a boudoir shoot in the past, but I was in such a yuck place in my life. I wanted to do another one and after having 2 more kids since then and getting married soon I was so excited to give it as a gift to my husband. BUT! I told him he should just do it with me, and he was so excited! Actually, he was nervous, but it was a cute nervous. Once I took my clothes off, he was way more comfortable! LOL! Erika made it the most easy, comfortable setting! We laughed and had fun the whole time! We will definitely be doing this l over again! If your iffy about doing it with a partner or even alone, JUST DO IT! You definitely won’t regret it! You’ll fall in love with yourself or eachother other over and over again!”

Boudie Babe- Jody

“I absolutely LOVED working with Erika!  She is so supportive, encouraging and the epitome of empowerment. As someone who has struggled my entire life with self-love and acceptance, I really doubted my ability to go through with the session.  Erika being as professional and amazing as she is picked this up right off start.  She never made me feel pressured or uncomfortable, she just encouraged me to look at myself differently and find something I could be proud of.  I'm so glad I was able to work with Erika; I am still working on the self-love, but I definitely accept my body as is now instead of comparing myself to everyone else and feeling bad about my shape/size.”


BOUDIE babe - Larissa 

"OMG!!! What an experience!! Erika is an amazing photographer. She made me feel beautiful and comfortable the whole time. My photos and my album came out as perfection. Thank you Erika for being who you are, just amazing."



"I am a shy, reserved person who thinks she is not photogenic at all, and doing a boudoir photo shoot was the last thing I expected to want to do. But I wanted to do something different for my hubby, and after thinking long and hard about it I booked myself at EFP. Doing the consultation with Erika made me excited as her enthusiasm was contagious. She was very helpful and gave me good suggestions. The shoot with Erika was seamless and fun. It went by quick! I am normally very self conscious but working with her I felt comfortable right away because you can tell she knows what she's doing. When I went back to look at the pics I was blown away because they were better than I expected. I think that this experience is something every woman should have, it can be quite empowering. I've no regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat."



bOUDIE babe - kate

"Erika is the most wonderful photographer. She takes such pride in her work, is exceptionally professional and goes above and beyond to get the perfect shot! She made me feel so comfortable, confident and I was blown away with how she could take such intricate photos! Truly a fun, special, and positive experience!"



bOUDIE babe - Jenn

"I recently did a boudoir photo shoot with Erika and was surprised at how much fun it was! I was a bit nervous and apprehensive as its way out of my comfort zone but Erika was so professional while keeping it fun the entire time! I ended the session feeling so beautiful. When I got my photos I could not believe how amazing they were. She's so talented and it shows in her photos. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering a boudoir shoot!"



bOUDIE babe - rayna

"I had the most amazing experience working with Erika! I was very nervous when I first met up with her and she made me feel so comfortable and confident! I am extremely happy I chose to work with her! Her passion for photography really shows In her work. I will definitely be booking with her again!"