Busting Excuses with EFP Studios


We hear you babe. As woman we can find 100 or more reasons why we shouldn’t do more for ourselves. The kids need me, I don’t have time off from work or always have to drive someone SOMEWHERE. When we get nervous, we make excuses. We make excuses not to love ourselves or take care of ourselves. We also use excuses like “I want to lose 15 lbs first!” and “I just don’t have the money right now!”. We wanted to write this to show you all that no matter the excuse, you CAN do it! Let us show you that no matter the excuse, you are worthy of self-love! Now we aren’t going to sit here and preach to the moon that a boudoir shoot is going to solve all of life’s problems and that you’ll magically be rich, have the best body and all the time in the world because that’s a bunch of bull shit and we all know it. What we are going to do though is tell you why it’s a step in the right direction of your self-love and healing journey.


Excuse Number 1: “I don’t have enough time to do something for myself”


Babe’s it’s time for a hard truth. If you valued yourself as much as you value your social life, family or career than you would MAKE TIME to do something for yourself. Sadly though, as women, we don’t tend to do that. If you were asked to list the top ten most important things in your life right now, where would you fall? Are you even on this list at all? Now what about your full self? I’m not just talking about when the last time you got your hair done or the last time you enjoyed a night out with the girls. I mean mentally, spiritually (whatever that means to you! We support you nurturing your soul in however healthy way you can!)  and physically. Did you eat today? Did you shower this week, did you do something that makes you set your soul on fire or did that slip your mind because you were so busy caring for someone else? Caring for your entire self isn’t a selfish thing. A boudoir journey is exactly that, a journey. From the consultation, to booking, to shopping (YES SHOPPING, this means buying something for yourself because you do deserve it!), hair and makeup, the shoot itself and finally seeing your photos and feeling the change happen. During this time, you’ll slowly start to rediscover that you indeed are important. The journey, if you let it that is, helps you make time for someone else who is really important. YOU!




Excuse #2: “I’m not where I want to be weight wise/I don’t fit the media’s idea of a good enough size”


STOP! We are going to stop you right in your thought process and tell you that you don’t need to change a damn thing about your beautiful self in order to enjoy a boudoir photo session. If someone in the past has told you different then Girl, they aren’t your people and you need to cut that tie as fast as possible. If another photographer has told you this in the past, then fuck them they clearly suck at their job.  When we look at social media, we often see a false “perfection”. The “perfect” summer body, the “perfect” family vacations and the “perfect” home etc... Now, what if you never lose that weight? Will you be stuck in that self-loathing state forever? That’t not fair and NOT what we want for you, Babe! Boudoir is about learning to love and accept yourself in this moment, right now. If you lose the lbs, great, come on back and we will help you love yourself in that moment too! Plus, Boudoir was originally enjoyed by curvy women and you know what they look badass. Slim, “average”, curvy or plus size it does not matter you can still rock the shit out of a matching bra and panty set. It’s scary and intimidating but babe it’s exhilarating. Be unapologetically you and that includes not apologizing about your body shape, size or weight.



Excuse #3: “I’m never feel sexy or sensual anymore and I don’t have the self-confidence so a boudoir shoot must not be for me.” 



EVERYONE at one point and time loses themselves. It sometimes happens after they have children, after a traumatic event or due to mental health and body insecurities but it happens. So, if you can take anything away from this post, please let it be this. You are worth it. You are worth EVERYTHING! You are a fucking goddess who has lost her light and that is ok, let us help you find it again. Fall in love with yourself again or at the very least allow yourself to feel an unwavering confidence in yourself even if only for a moment. Let the happiness in, Girl. Take the leap and let us show you how sexy and glamorous you still are because, Girl, we promise you that the fire in your heart hasn’t died yet. It’s just waiting for you to throw some self-love fuel on it.

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