EMPOWERED WOMEN EVENT - 18 Women have their session done in front of the group!

WOW. This day was…. powerful, to say the least. We had 21 amazing women in total come to the studio for a day full of emotions and empowerment.

Most of the women had never met before. Nerves were high and you could tell our Ladies were slightly unsure of things. Once our first woman came out of the changing area in her outfit, the room erupted in cheers! It was incredible to watch the tension literally melt away as each women changed into her shoot outfit. They all sat together in their lingerie (some covered in blankets because they were doing nudes) and made new friends. They bared it all… literally. They were physically and emotionally vulnerable and it was the most magical moment ever!

We watched women completely step outside of their comfort zone and embrace and face their fears, including me. I shot the entire day in my own lingerie which is also incredibly outside my own norm. It was moving and I will remember this day and that feeling forever!


“you did such a good job 😍”


“Falling in love with yourself doesn’t mean having the perfect body, It comes from embracing the one you already have!”


“This turned out AMAZING! This was such a great day I love that we have this to document it”


“You rocked all our souls! Thank you to all of you!!!”


“The day was Safe, comfortable, and accepting!”


“Erika and the rest of the ladies were incredible, so encouraging. By the time my turn came, I wasnt nervous at all but so excited for it, and had a blast. Left feeling fantastic about myself and on cloud 9!!”


“Thank from the bottom of my heart! And to all the ladies there I am honoured to have shared that day with you!! I felt accelerated and so very proud of myself!!”


I loved being part of this experience! The support and encouragement from everyone towards everyone was absolutely amazing and heartwarming!!”


“I went nude and it was the most empowering experience of my life!”


“You rocked my socks that day! I had NO IDEA what an amazing experience I was in for! I had NO intention on getting (almost) naked in front of a large group of strangers, but man, I felt uncomfortable not doing it! The energy in this group is uplifting and I am honoured to be a part of it! Xoxo you are all incredible and thank you so much for sharing this day with me!”


“When you imagine wearing very minimal clothing standing infront of a group of all woman you imagine judgement, uncertainty and terror, though standing at Erikas woman empowerment event half naked right infront of all the other woman I felt more powerful, beautiful and confident than I ever have before.”


“I felt like superwoman walking around half naked in front of a room full of strong beautiful women!”

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