Sara and Leo Couples session Blog 


Hi, My name is Sarah and I'm a 40 year old woman.  I live in a house with 5 almost men.  

I have two older boys, 16 & 18 from my marriage.  And my "hubby" has two younger boys, 12 & 14 from his marriage.  We have been trying to blend this family for 6 years now.  I can tell you; it is an uphill battle.

Leo and I met at my lowest point in my life.  My ex-boyfriend had tried to kill me, and I was working my way through the pain with the help of drugs and alcohol.  To say he saved my life is an understatement.

Fast forward 6 years, and here we are.  Struggling to make ends meet, to get the kids to get along, to form them into young men that society will accept.  There became less and less time for us to work on US.  


My stepdaughter, from my marriage, added me to EPF, and I became obsessed with the way Erika and the group of women made me feel good about myself.  Confident.  Less ugly. I entered her booty call contest for a couples shoot, never imagining I would be chosen, or that Leo would go along with it.  Well, Erika chose us!  And then I had to tell Leo what I had done.  At first, he was weary, scared, nervous.  But as the time drew closer, he was getting more and more excite to be doing this with me.  It probably helped that I gave him a fashion show the week before and let him help choose the outfits!

Walking in the door to the studio was both scary and exciting.  I hoped Erika would be able to work with my big bum, bigger thighs and mom tummy.  I never thought of myself as pretty, even though Leo tells me every day.  Nervous doesn't begin to describe the feelings making my whole body shake as my hair and make-up were professionally done for me. And the first ten minutes, laying half naked in a strange bed, snuggled up to an equally naked Leo, were scary.

But Erika is absolutely amazing.  Just move naturally, she tells us as she starts us out in our first pose.  Before too long, we had it.  As Leo says, it was the best two hour make-out session we have ever had.


I left the shoot feeling amazing, and the sneak peek pictures Erika showed us boosted my confidence tenfold.

Three days later, we got to go see our pictures.  GOOSEBUMPS!!!!

They were absolutely stunning!!  I have never seen myself the way that camera caught me.  Erika is amazing to say the least.

My favorite part of the entire experience was the way I felt during the shoot.  And equally, the way I felt when I saw how Leo sees me every day.

If the idea for doing a session has ever crossed your mind...…..DO IT!!  Book it NOW!  The pictures you get to keep forever are just one of the benefits from meeting Erika. I will always remember this feeling. I have never felt so good about my mommy body than I do right now.  This is by far the best thing Leo and I have ever done for our relationship.  And it will last forever. I loved everything about my time spent with Erika.  I feel like a new person.  Confident, strong and happy to be me for the first time ever.  If you've ever thought about booking a session, DO IT!!  Book it now.  And book with Erika.  She is more than a pretty face behind a camera.  She is a confidence booster.  And an amazing person. Best thing Leo and I have ever done for or relationship.

Thank you Erika, You ROCK!!