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There is just something special about EFP studios, it's so much more than just a studio it's a community. Erika makes you feel confident and sexy. She eased my nerves about doing a Boudoir shoot and made it fun. I was at a point in life where I was feeling undesirable, not sexy and just depressed.  I knew I needed a change, I needed to do something for me.   During this time, I saw a Facebook post for your anniversary party, and it caught my interest, so I looked up your website and something in me said yes, I need to do this. The pictures on the EFP website and Facebook page were so amazing!  All the women looked beautiful!  That made me inquire about doing a shoot.  


What sealed the deal for me what my phone conversation with Erika, she explained the whole process and made me feel comfortable and at ease with her as well as she gave me the passion to do a shoot for myself. I felt so nervous before my session, the night before I barely slept and as I drove over, I kept getting anxious and talking myself down.  I was just so scared about letting someone else see me not fully clothed, seeing my rolls and less than perfect body.


When I saw myself in the mirror for the first time after having my makeup and hair done, I almost burst into tears.  I couldn't believe that this beautiful woman standing before me was me but as I looked at her, I saw me, and I saw how beautiful I am. I left my session so excited and pumped!!!  When I was driving home, I had a moment where I realized for the first time in my life, I felt like me.  The true me, not the me I pretend to be for everyone else but me, I finally felt extremely comfortable in my own skin and comfortable with who I am. 


I didn't expect it to be so fun!  I didn't expect to feel so beautiful. I didn't expect it to change my life.



The main thing that has changed in my life from my session is me.   I finally feel comfortable enough to allow me to be me.  The fear of judgement and ridicule no longer has a hold on me.  For the first time in my life I feel free, and that freedom is so empowering.  I'm more confident in who I am, in my abilities and I no longer allow others to make me feel like I'm not enough or that I have to change. Everything changed for me after my shoot.  How I see my body, how sexy I feel and how I see myself. I finally feel sexy; I finally see a beautiful woman.  I also realized that my weight is not the problem it was how I saw my body that was the problem, now I love my body exactly as it is.  I honestly don't know where I've been my whole life but I'm sure glad I'm here now.The first time I saw my images I thought wow!!! look at that hottie!!!  Damn she's fine!!!  They were amazing and I saw my soul and my beauty in each photo!  Honestly, I wanted to show them to everyone!!!! The photos are amazing!!! 



 There is so much talent at this studio and their love of what they do shows.  That is why you book a session with EFP, they love what they do, they love showing you how amazing you are, and you can't find that level of passion anywhere else. If you are too shy, nervous or not confident in yourself or your body don't be. You are beautiful exactly as you are and honestly do it!!!  Do a session, it will change how you see yourself.  Let your light shine, let your goddess out!  Do it for you, do it for you as a woman, as a goddess.  You will never regret allowing yourself to do a session. You will never regret allowing yourself to be free.

-Jennifer xo

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