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I originally booked my session with the intention to gift my husband a big as piece of naked wall art. It was the year we had my youngest son and it was a hard one. I was still really struggling through post-partum depression from the birth of my daughter the year prior, and he was a hard baby. I mean attached to me twenty-four seven and cried none stop when I wasn’t around. Our house was always in shambles and honestly, we were extremely stressed. 

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I was first introduced to “The Babe Cave VIP Group” when the studio first opened. Someone added me into it (to this day I still have no idea who it was, but hey thanks!). I fell in love with the EFP community. I fell in love with the passion, and the genuine want to empower woman. The support and love that comes from the community was what really encouraged me to book a shoot.  Over the year’s boudoir was something I’ve always wanted to do but I struggled finding the right photographer, I wanted someone who thought of boudoir as more than a job and didn’t just want to take my money. Through the group I got to know Erika. 


The day of my shoot I had to be very sneaky, I chose to do my own hair and makeup and actually hid my lingerie items in my makeup trunk and brought it with me so my husband would have no idea what I was doing. I wanted it to be a complete surprise. I arrived at my shoot feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I played every possible scenario in my head (good and bad) as mental preparation. When I walked in Erika treated me like we were best friends! I immediately felt comfortable. We did a small run down of how I was feeling, went over outfits and poses. 


The shoot flew by! I have never felt so comfortable being completely nude in front of someone as I did in those moments, I felt like a goddess and left the shoot that day with the same mentality. 

 To this day I haven’t let go of that feeling. I carry myself with a confidence that other people can see. I’m more comfortable with my sexuality and this has been proven evident in my marriage! My shoot with EFP Studios legitimately changed my life. 





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