EFP Studios Boudie Babe - Keri-Lynn [Red Deer / Innisfail / Ponoka Boudoir Photographer]

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I was so excited when Keri first contacted me. We chatted a little and I adored that she was so excited to start her self love journey and we jived so easily right off the hop! Then her nerves kicked in. We chatted on and off for a few months and had to work through some of her blocks to get her to where she needed to be comfortable enough to book. I knew she was ready but she needed to come to that conclusion on her own. Finally, the day came! We booked and we were both so pumped! We agreed on the most badass smokey eye look for her session and seriously, she looked fucking KILLER! I am so excited to have been a part of this adventure for such a wonderful mother of 4 kiddos!  Its so important for all of you ladies out there to know that Mommas are sexy too! 

Take a peek at what Keri has to say about being a women, her session and her journey to self love! 


"I have always admired boudoir photography. I think that photographers capture the real and raw beauty of women in a strong way that somehow is so vulnerable. 
Over the years I have battle my self worth and my confidence for years. Even before I was a mother I just felt like nothing was ever “good enough” my body, my hair or skin.. I always found something I didn’t love. 

I’ve been on somewhat of a self worth journey the past few years. I have started learning more about the beauty industry and fell in love with makeup artistry. I love doing makeup on other women but when it came to myself, I would freeze! This all ties together I swear! 

I started looking into boudoir photography for myself almost 3 years ago, and when I did I told myself that once I looked “perfect” that I would do them. I needed to loose weight and tone my body and blah blah blah. A few months back I started pricing things out, messaged a few ladies. 

Well, let me tell you... Erika laid everything out on the line, her bold and welcoming personality is exactly what I knew I needed! 

Finally I came to the conclusion that after having 4 children, my body would probably never look like it once did, and I should be comfortable in my own skin to rock it anyways!! 

During my shoot it was a blast! We had fun and giggled! I didn’t feel exposed or even naked for that fact! I mean I was... like at one point completely  naked! But I never once felt awkward or weird doing the photos! 

After seeing all the stunning photographs she took, I can’t even tell you my favorited because there are seriously so many! 

Overall, just do it. Go for it! You never know how empowering one photo shoot can be. Do it scared."


EFP Studios / Red Deer Boudoir Photographer. EFP Studios is Red Deer, Innisfail, and Central Alberta's premiere photography studio specializing in women's and couple's boudoir, fashion, glamour, and beauty photography. Operating out of our Private 1000 sqft luxury studio and offering a full Client experience. Clients travel from all over Alberta to have a session with us. We believe every woman should have at least one moment of unwavering confidence in herself. 
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