EFP Studios Boudie Babe - Lorissa [Innisfail / Red Deer Boudoir Photographer]


Being a woman is hard.

Sometimes we believe that we aren't worthy of the things or experiences we want in life. We are so hard on ourselves, too hard most times and sometimes we create these blocks to give our minds an out without coming to terms with the fact that we created it so that we won't be disappointed in ourselves.  But why? Why do we treat ourselves this way? 

I want you all to think about it from an outside perspective. If you witnessed your wife/daughter/sister/friend tell herself that she isn't good enough, what would you say to her? It seems that we are easier able to tell the people we care about, how to treat themselves nicely, but we cannot process that in our own minds. 

I came across a quote that I love and I think it works well with what we are talking about here,
"If your friends/spouse said the things to you that you say to yourself, would it be acceptable?"

Absolutely not. So I would love it if you would try. Thats all I ask, is that you try to be nicer to your self, your heart and your mind. You are ENOUGH. You are more than. 

Lorissa was an absolute Doll and I adored working with her! Take a peek at Lorissa's experience as a Woman and about her own journey to self love. xxo

"I was 13 the first time a man - who was supposed to be a safe, trustworthy relative- showed me that women are nothing more than bodies, curves for them to own and use. As I got older it felt selfish to tell men no - like they had some kind of a right to my body. Like I was just living in it but didn't really own it. It felt empty. And just when I was starting to lose who I was, a real man stepped up and showed me that what was on the inside was so very important, and loved every single piece of me - even when I tried pushing him away, even when I didn't deserve it. And he loves me so much, so deeply that it makes it impossible not to love myself too. 

Now, years later, after marriage and a baby I wanted to give him something special for all he does for me (and as a bit of an apology that the bedroom isn't quite as steamy when you're asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow) so I thought I'd get some Boudoir photos done. I looked into different photographers but most came to you - and the extra task of washing the sheets and cleaning the room seemed too much... then a friend added me to Erika's page. The same day, Erika posted about a sale on sessions. I took it as a sign and despite hesitations and reservations about it, I booked in. 

I panicked, I thought about cancelling... but I sucked it up and did them, reminding myself it was for my husband. That he'd love them no matter what. I did the session and had a blast. The first 15 minutes or so I was nervous, feeling like a fool in the poses. But Erika showed me a few photos to prove they looked okay and i settled right in. 

Fast forward to the reveal... I was stunned. Mind blown! Who was that confident sassy girl in those photos? It was me. Crazy! Not just the hot bod (if i do say so myself) but the personality, the girl inside too. I got home after my reveal, looked my husband in the eye and said, "Just so you know, you have a really sexy wife". And I meant it!"

Hair and Makeup by: Grace Anne with Beauty and the Grace

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