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EFP Studios Boudie Babe - Lorissa [Innisfail / Red Deer Boudoir Photographer]

"I was 13 the first time a man - who was supposed to be a safe, trustworthy relative- showed me that women are nothing more than bodies, curves for them to own and use......."

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EFP Studios Boudie Babe - Keri-Lynn [Red Deer / Innisfail / Ponoka Boudoir Photographer]

Finally I came to the conclusion that after having 4 children, my body would probably never look like it once did, and I should be comfortable in my own skin to rock it anyways!!........

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EFP Boudie Babe - Brittany [Red Deer Boudoir Photographer]

Being a woman is a full time job, whether you work or are a mom or travel all the time. Our minds work at a million miles per minute and we are extremely hard on ourselves. Whether you have that new mom bod, are plus size or are muscular. We are each what we are, without labeling ourselves. We all wear those handful of hats and its hard…

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